Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm Back

Man, it's been a while since I've posted anything on my blog. Sorry about that.

Not a whole lot to say, really. I'm doing well in school, Christmas is coming, and I'm pretty hungry right now.

In my Chemistry I class a few weeks ago, we got a weird assignment to make some stuffed moles. See, a mole is also a unit of measurement for things like atoms (6.022 x 10 to the 23rd power), and I guess that's where it came from. Fun assignment, though.

Anyway, there was a contest for the best mole. The winner got a $10 gift card to a fast food place. The teacher's physics students were supposed to vote on the best mole, and the 1st and 2nd place moles would get the prize. Well, here's my mole:

Iron Mole! I was so sure I was going to win. However, Iron Mole lost to a frilly pink mole and... Terrorist Mole. No lie.

I wasn't so upset about Terrorist Mole. That was actually funny and pretty creative, but... Pink?! Come on. Iron Man just does NOT lose to pink.

Anyway, I got third place, which was good enough. No harm done. No prolonged feelings of rage and jealousy.

Hey! My parents just brought me a McChicken sandwitch. That means it's time to go.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tennis Photos

Clever and creative title, right? I know.

Well, a few weeks ago, I had to take photos of our highschool boys' tennis match for Journalism I. It was pretty fun. I'd like to pick up photography as a hobby if nice cameras didn't cost so much. I may get that from my sister, who is a professional photographer. (Go see her website! She's rediculously good.

Anyway, I just figured I'd post a few of my favorite photos that I took here on blogger. And here they are:
This isn't the best photo, but I thought it was sort of interesting that this guy had a motorcycle helmet with him at a highschool tennis game, so I took a few photos.

This is the coach. He has the most amazing skin color I've ever seen. I took some other photos of him, but I just chose this one.

I like this one a lot, but then I don't. I guess it just seems sort of corny, maybe? I don't know. I like the effect, I guess. Perdy fence.

This isn't really a great quality photo, but I love the expression I somehow managed to catch with that slow-as-molasses(sp?) camera I was using. It's kind of funny, too. Hope he doesn't know I'm posting it online. Heheh.

I just think this one is funny. I like the colors a lot, too, but it's mostly just funny.

Well, there you have it! Photos taken by yours truly. Hope you like. If not, oh well.

Aw, crap, I think I'm missing the Daily Show With John Stewart! After that is the Colbert Report. Scrubs may come on tonight, too. Three of my most favorite shows.



Sunday, October 5, 2008

Been a while

Oh man. It's been, what, over a month since my last blog post? Whoopsie.

Well, I don't really have anything that interesting to say... I haven't drawn a whole lot lately, but what I have been doing has mostly been life drawing. Or, drawing from photos, I guess. Would you like to see some? Sure you would:

I love my fine-tip Sharpie.

Halloween is coming up soon! I need to actually get/make myself a costume this year, instead of waiting until the last minute and ending up not doing anything. My birthday is the 26th of October, so for my party, I think I'm gonna have a costume sort of thing. Presents and candy! Yay!

Umumumm... I guess that's really it. Hopefully I won't wait so long to post again. See you all later!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Name Change

Yes, I changed my name to Frederick VonHosenhiven.

Just kidding.

Inside joke.

Anyway, as you probably noticed, I changed my blog name from "Panda Sensei" to "Cartoonimation." I know it's a dorky name. Sorry.

So, I watched X-Men uno and dos (that's one and two) on FX last night. Reason I remember what channel it was on is because "X-Men" has an X in it just like "FX." It was one of those "DVD on TV" things where the really pretty chick and the average-looking guy make corny jokes to cheer you up as you viciously shout at the TV for interrupting your movie with commercial breaks at every other second and this run-on sentance is really great. The second one ended at, like, 11:30 p.m. I think I only stayed up that late so I could see Nightcrawler in the second movie. I was tired for church this morning but hey, it was worth it. Who doesn't love to hear a German accent? Come on. With the v's instead of the w's? Serious stuff, people. Serious stuff.

Slightly pointless post (as usual). Excuse the lack of a sketch or two. Have a good Memorial Day tomorrow! Go have a cookout or something. Eat some steak. Grill some shrimp on the barbie.

...Wait. It's Labor Day tomorrow. Just kidding.

See, I could go back and fix my mistake, but I like to be very conversational as I blog. And in coversation, you can't just go back in time and fix your little booboos as you speak. Nope. Can't reverse those "the arms on my hair are standing up" kinds of things. Sorry people.

But seriously, go grill some shrimp. And bring me some . I went and made myself hungry talking about food. All we got is Ramen Noodles.

Don't you just love my grammar? "All we got." You can just tell my family comes from Kentucky, can'tcha?

I was planning to end this post a long time ago. Bye-ee.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Epic Fail & Fluffy Tails

I hadn't drawn my character, Panda Sensei, for a while, so I decided to doodle him a bit in Study Hall. Though, I soon found out, I pretty much forgot how to draw him. Or maybe I never knew how to draw him in the first place. I don't know why, but he's so complicated. It's like I have to redesign him every time I draw him. The only thing I like about these doodles is that hand he has on his hip on the top left. Other than that... blah. Also, I've been kinda rolling a concept around in my head lately. I was watching Planes, Trains, & Automobiles with my parents the other night, and I love buddy comedies like that. I've been wanting to have some sort of concept to practice on lately and... Ah, well. Long story short, I decided I wanted to somehow make the little fable of Tortoise and the Hare into a buddy comedy sort of deal. Maybe with a comic, or a short story with illustrations or something. I don't know. But anyway, here are some concept drawings of the rabbit that I kind of like:

I probably like the one on the top left of the second picture the best. Why haven't I drawn the tortoise yet? Well... I have no clue how to draw a tortoise. So I'll have to go to the zoo or look for pictures online or something like that.
Anyway, I'll probably never go that far with the Tortoise and the Hare thing, but at least it's practice.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Early Bird

Gets the worm! Ahaha....

So, I was gonna post this drawing a while ago, but forgot to. A comment on my last blog by Will Finn reminded me, so. 'Ere ya go!

His name is Henry, for now. It's kinda a funny story how I made him up. Not "ha-ha" funny, but... "That's almost interesting" funny. Not Jim Carrey funny, but "I found my other sock that I was looking for under my bed" funny.

Speaking of that!! I was at the movie theatre with my friend Theresa the other day, and we saw a movie poster with Jim Carrey on it! He was like, running through a field of flowers all happy, and the title was jus "YES". It looks like it's gonna be a comedy, and that's just exciting. I'm gonna stop getting off subject now.

About how I made the chicken up! Back in... Maybe it was sixth grade (I'm a Junior in highschool now). I was trying to draw my cat. Key word: "trying," because at the same time I was also failing. So I sort of half-erased it and turned it over to the other side to draw something else. I could still see my drawing through the other side of the paper, but now, it magically looked like a chicken. And voila! Henry here was born (Name not neccisarily permanent). Haven't drawn him in years though, but I magically remembered how. He used to have a rooster tail, but then I realized, chicks dont have rooster tails, so.

So now that that's over, back to the movie theatre! Me and Theresa went to see the Dark Night, and it was pretty darn awesome. I think my favorite part was the Joker's pencil magic trick. If you've seen it, you know what I mean. If you haven't, then, I'll tell you what happens. Batman dies and Joker takes over the world. TWICE.

Oh! Also. My friend Lisa might get me the book by Eric Goldberg, "Character Animation Crash Course." Say that three times fast.

But yeah, that's exiting. Hopefully Barnes and Noble doesn't hate me and lets it order right. Though I'm sure once I finally get my hands on it, I'll find it at the bookstore the next day.

So I guess that ends my blog post. Have a good'n! God bless!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to School

I doodled this little Italian mob-type guy in my study hall class the other day. He looks a lot like Billy from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. But that was an accident.
That's a cigar in his mouth... but it kinda looks like a worm.
In unrelated news, I just bought the Home on the Range DVD the other day. It was really good. :D Slim and his three little nephews are hilarious. That song he sings is amazing. If you haven't seen it, go see it. If you have, see it again. lol. I liked it a lot more the second time I watched it, for some weird reason.
Uhm... Well, I guess that's it. So uh... seeya!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vote for my sissy?

Okay, could I ask some of you a favor? It won't take long, I promise.

My sister Amanda is an amazing photographer. She got nominated for a photography contest, and it would be just amazing if you would take the time to vote for her.

Here's the link to her website, in case you need convincing:

And here's the link to vote:

All you've got to do is click "vote" above the photo slideshow thing on the orange button. You have to sign up for the website real quick, but it won't take long! I promise! It takes like, five seconds.

And thank you so much!! Let me know if you vote for her, so I can thank you. :D

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Character Animation Crash Course

I want this book! If I get this and a tablet, I'll be pretty much set.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some Sketches

I didn't really like my old blog layout and stuff, so I changed it up a bunch. Not that you didn't already notice.
Anyway, here are just a couple sketches. I was kinda trying to come up with a little character here. It's funny; the first drawing I did, his beard was the main part of his whole design, but within the next couple drawings, I got rid of it completely.

I doubt this'll be a character I use a lot. It's just practice.

Here's my character Panda Sensei, just standing around being grumpy. For some reason, this is the only angle I can get him to look right at. Every other way I try and draw him, he looks like a different character.

Anyway, I guess that's it. Thanks for reading! God bless.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Portrait of an Animator

Someone I know on was drawing some people... So I decided I would too. And I am reeeealy prud of how it came out!

And yep, that's Will Finn. I'm a big fan of his. I'm kinda embarassed posting this, actually. I know he has a blog here; and he's stopped by mine a couple of times and left some nice comments. If he stops by again and ends up seeing this, it'll either be "Aw, I'm flattered," or "That's a little creepy." Hopefully the first one.

Here's the picture I drew it from (it's kinda bad quality). I'm posting it just so you know I didn't, like, pull the drawing outta my butt or something. Lovely visual, I know. And lookie! You can see Eric Goldberg and Andreas Deja in the picture, too.

Now that I think about it, if he wasn't creeped out before, he probably would be knowing that I have a picture of him on my computer. Gahaha.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Guess who this is!

I'll give you a hint: it's not me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Princess and the Frog Teaser Trailer!!!

Or go to the official website:


Monday, July 28, 2008

More Floursacks

Okay, I know I posted some of these, like, five minutes ago, but they're just too darn fun. These ones are better, anyway. Hope I got his little emotions across well enough. :D
Click to enlarge, please!

Flower Sacks


Inspired by I like the one on the far left the most, probably. It's the simplest one (click to enlarge).

Just something that seemed fun to do. :D

Friday, July 25, 2008

Zombie Bunny Walk Cycle

Used this little animation tutorial ---


And that's why it's lame. lol

This is only, like, my fourth animation, so it's not great (I don't think I even wanna try to post the other ones here). Plus, I pretty much copied what I saw in the tutorial, only made it into Zombie Bunny. Once I get a tablet I'll start doing other, better stuff, hopefully.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some Drawing Practice

Look at me everybody! Big shot, drawin' the real deal!

Haha... Yeah. I drew these a little while back, just looking at my cats and my dog. ...And my hand. Just like, life drawing practice, I guess. I like the dog feet. :D

You might wanna click on this; it's too small here to really see it well enough.

Don't know why I'm posting this on my blog though... lol.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Zombie Bunny

I made this guy up a couple of years ago, I think. I'm trying to think of/remember more characters to draw more often, and I forgot all about him until now.

He's a zombie bunny... but he's a NICE zombie bunny.

Note the wilted carrot. lol

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Caramel Apple Pops

Them's my heroes right there!

Haha. Took a screencap from the Aladdin DVD, 'cause I'm a dork like that. Dunno if you can see them clear enough, but from left to right (other than the guy in blue walking past), it's Alan Menken (composer), Eric Golberg (animator: Genie), Andreas Deja (Animator: Jafar [Or Ja'afar, as I've seen it spelled... whatever]), Will Finn (animator: Iago), Randy Cartwright (Animator: Carpet). All completely talented and awesome people. Hope it's not completely weird that I'm posting their picture on my blog.

Also, the title's got a story behind it... But it's very long and confusing. Mostly for my own entertainment. Hehe. Has nothing to do with these guys, though.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I bought Pocahontas today on DVD. : D That means I officially have 10 Disney DVDs! Eight of which are two-disc special edition. Hunchback of Notre Dame and Lilo and Stitch aren't, 'cause... I don't know. I guess they're not special enough.
Of course, I have 11 if you count Mulan II. But I don't. Heheh. Not that it was horrible, it just... y'know. Sequals.
I just watched Poccahontas, and I would go into a little review about it... But it's an old movie, and that would just be silly.
Well. Not OLD old. But you know. Not NEW.
But I love Wiggins! He's so funny.
Anyway, I used that screencap up there because that part happens to be awesome. It kinda gives you a feeling that they're on a stage, almost. At least, that's what I got out of it. Now I got "Savages" stuck in my head.
See ya!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


[Insert profound comment here]

These characters belong to Disney.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Genie Sketch

"They're G-R-R-REAT!"
Just a sketch I did while looking off a screencap. Oh, Genie belongs to Disney.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I Love the Disney Store

At least... Once you get past all the Disney Channel stuff. Eeeeeugh.

Anywho. As the picture suggests, I found the Aladdin 2-Disc Special Edition DVD! Along with the Cinderella one!! Man, I love DVDs. And the fact that, apparently, the Disney store sells Disney movies that are in that danged Disney Vault. Or, at least, I'm almost sure those two are in the vault. Maybe the Disney Store in the mall down here is just special.

Anyway, the special features (the main reason I even buy DVDs) were amazing! Got to see some of my very favorite animators talk about the movie and stuff. And Aladdin actually had an animator's commentary on it! I didn't even know they did stuff like that. Of course, I listened to it first, haha. I'm such a dork.

P.S. - I love Jafar's expression in the screencap up there. And Iago is just hilarious. Also, Iago, Jafar, and that screenshot belong to Disney.

[/pointless blog post]

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Little Comic

Gahaha. I made a funny.

But... 90% of people don't actually get the joke. If you're one of the 10% that does, please let me know!

Don't ask why Hugo (from Hunchback of Notre Dame) randomly makes a guest appearance in this comic... I couldn't think of anybody to have react to Panda Sensei, and he was the only one that popped in my head, I guess.

Bleh, and please ignore how terrible Panda Sensei looks in this comic! EXPECIALLY IN THE TOP PANEL. UGH. I don't know what I was thinking when I drew him, but... Bleh! Guh... I've been working on him for months and still haven't settled on what he should look like. Is character designing always this hard...?

Guh. ButI think Hugo looks kinda cute. I envy David Pruiksma's skills (he animated Hugo).

Hugo is property of Disney and stuff.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tick Tock

Cogsworth! Haven't drawn him in a while; figured I would. Plus, I haven't posted /any/ of my drawings of him here, yet (I did once, but I deleted that post... Can't remember why. Plus it was drawn straight from a screencap, and this one was done without a reference).

Hope you like!

Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast, and all that are property of Disney.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

On the Ropes

Gahaha, what a clever title!

For some reason, I've noticed I post mostly just Panda Sensei stuff on here... I guess 'cause most everything else I draw is fanart, and if you really wanna see that, you can just go to my deviantART account in my link thing over there. Though, I guess the same goes for seeing Panda Sensei over there, 'cause I post pretty much everything I post here on there...

Anyhoo, this is what you get when you watch the end dramatic fight scenes of Hunchback of Notre Dame while drawing Panda Sensei.

I usually don't spend very long on a single drawing, so this is a good change, I guess, though it didn't take REALLY long. I think I spent the most time getting the shape of his head to look right, and the, uh... fabric part over his legs. Dunno what you'd call that.

Dunno what he's standing on, either. Maybe a roof or something.

Anyway, I'm done rambling... Enjoy?

OH, OH! In other news, I got the Hunchback of Notre Dame DVD today!! Which is great, 'cause I finally got to watch the 'making of' thing. I rented the DVD from Family Video or whatever, but whoever had it last scratched it all to crud and back, so the 'making of' wouldn't work, and that made me sad. But, I got to see it, so I'm happy now.

Uhh... anyway. Bye!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Princess and the Frog

Okay, I don't know why I haven't blogged about this yet, but I am REALLY excited about this movie. Prepare for a long post!

First of all, for some of you who may not know, The Princess and the Frog is a new traditionally animated movie coming out in 2009. D'ja hear that? TRADITIONALLY ANIMATED. Yeah. The first one in five years, ever since Michael Eisner at the Disney studios decided to stop the 2D stuff altogether. Luckily, that decision has been changed, and I'm pretty sure Michael Eisner isn't working for Disney anymore.

Speaking of him, I think he's got some latenight talkshow now... I saw it the other night, and it was kinda funny seeing him talking about this woman's new CD at Starbuck's.

Anyway, I think the movie is scheduled to come out in December of 2009, pretty close to Christmas. Heck, I'll be 18 by then... Which is a weird thought.

Here's some more news I think is fantastic! The movie is gonna be directed by the same talented guys that directed The Little Mermaid and Aladdin! Yup, Ron Clements and John Musker! That's pretty good news. I think they'll do a great job.

The movie is gonna be composed by Randy Newman, also. That was actually a little bit disappointing for me, because their first choice was going to be Alan Menken, who did the score for The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (which has one of my favorite scores period), and Enchanted. He's definately my favorite composer, hands down. Wish I could find the Hunchback soundtrack. Anyway, I'm sure Randy Newman can bring something to it, as well. I'm not as familiar with him, considering he does more Pixar stuff, I think, but I do know he did the music for Toy Story.

There's also gonna be some great names in animation doing, well... animation! Here's a couple names I recognized from the list (which you can find, along with a lot more information, on

Ruben A. Aquino is the supervising animator for the characters Big Daddy La Bouf/Prince Naveen. He supervised animation for other Disney characters like Maurice (Beauty and the Beast), Ursula (The Little Mermaid), Adult Simba (The Lion King), Powhatan (Poccahontas), Shang and Fa Li (Mulan), Pleakley and David (Lilo and Stitch), and Denahi (Brother Bear).

Andreas Deja, one of my favorite animators, is the supervising animator for the character Mama Odie. He was the supervising animator for Gaston (Beauty and the Beast), Scar (The Lion King), Lilo (Lilo and Stitch), King Triton (The Little Mermaid), Adult Hercules (Hercules), and Queen Nerissa (Enchanted). (That last one I'm not sure about; let me know if you know otherwise.)

Mark Henn is gonna be the supervising animator for the leading lady, Tiana (who by the way is Disney's first African American princess, which has caused quite a bit of contraversy already, but I'll get to that later). He also was the supervising animator for Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I'm pretty sure he animated Belle from Beauty and the Beast as well, but I don't remember if he was a supervising animator along with James Baxter, or just an animator. I'm sure he's animated plenty of other characters, but I can't seem to find him on Wikipedia, haha.

And here's one I'm really excited about; Nik Ranieri is going to be the supervising animator for the character Charlotte! I mostly know Nik Ranieri as being the supervising animator of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast, but he's also animated Meeko (Poccahontas), Hades (Hercules), and Kuzco (both human and llama) from Emperor's New Groove.

There are other animators, obviously, but I'm not familiar with their names, so I'll just leave it up to you to look them up. Also, if you spot some information you know is wrong above, please tell me. And if you know of other characters they animated, please let me know!

I really hope this movie does well. As I've mentioned before, Tiana is going to be the first African American Disney princess, and that's caused quite a bit of contraversy. In my opinion, I think everyone should really wait until they SEE the movie to judge it. I know her name used to be Maddy, but people looked at that as a lower-class name I guess, and complained about it, and I think that's the reason it got changed. She also used to be a chambermaid, but people complained about that, too, and I think that was changed as well. I just hope people take it for what it is, and don't complain to Disney to the point where they change the movie into something they didn't want it to be.

On a brigher note, I think John Goodman's doing some voice acting. Dunno what character or anything like that, but I love his voice. I think he did Sully from Monsters Inc. and Pacha from Emperor's New Groove, right?

Also, the movie is going to be a musical! That I am really excited about. I really loved that about movies like Beauty and the Beast, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and all those greats, and it's awesome that they're bringing that back. I know Ron Clements and John Musker are probably under a lot of pressure to make this movie great, considering there's so many firsts (first 2D movie in five years, first African American princess ect.), and contraversies, but I hope they just stick to what they think is best and really put out an amazing movie.

This movie isn't only exciting for me just because it's another Disney traditionally animated feature, but it also gives me a lot of hope. I want to be an animator at Disney one day (traditional, not CGI). A while back, before I knew the movie was coming out, people kept saying that Disney wasn't going to do 2D anymore, and that was depressing. I was starting to think of other career choices, like being a character designer, storyboard artist, things like that, which would be fun, but not my first choice, y'know? Then I get news of this movie being on its way, and it's like a breath of fresh air. Heh, corny as it is. I don't think I'm going to be able to sit still when I finally get to see the movie. I might squeal out loud the first time I see a trailer in the movie theater. I feel sorry for whoever would be seeing a movie with me, haha.

Anyway, hope I didn't bore ya with my extremely long blog post thingy. Hope you're as excited about this as I am!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


WALL-E was an amazing movie!! I got to see it today with one of my best friends, Angie, and her friend Eric. It's definately one of my favorites now. It was so adorable, and it's really great how they made it possible for you to fall in love with characters that barely say a word. Here's a little reviw sort of thing... Just my favorite parts and what I liked about it, junk like that. And there's no critiques! I can't stand reading critics' stuff. Plus, I'm not going to pretend I know what I'm talking about, haha. I know a thing or two about animation I guess, at least for my age, but definately not enough to critique a movie. Besides, I know pretty much nothing about CG.



Well, first of all, the little short that came at the beginning was really funny. Heh, I kinda felt sorry for the magician. But I'm a dork like that. I liked the bunny, too.

The beginning of the movie was great! I really loved the reveal when Wall-E's stacking those garbage cubes, and you see just how tall he'd built it up, and then you see all the other gigantic stacks of them. Poor little guy must've been alone for a long time. His little daily routine was really cute. And the spork joke! Some guy sitting behind us in the theater got a big kick out of that.

I really liked Eve, too. Her design was really simple, but really cool. She looks pretty simple to draw; I think I'll try it pretty soon. I was thinking about that the whole time I was watching it. XD And Wall-E's design was great too!! Heck, everybody's was. I think my favorite little side character was the little cleaning robot, Mo. He was funny.

I loved how everyone was fat! I could totally see that happening, haha. The captain was great. Pizza plant!

Probably, my favorite part was the scene/sequence/part where Eve fixes Wall-E near the end, but he'd lost his personality. You really felt for Eve in that part, and I think it's great how they can make you feel connected to a robot character like that. Not that I know what I'm talking about, heh.

Anyway! I'm totally not a mushy-type person (or at least that's what I tell myself), but it was really sweet when Eva held his hand. I was about to cry during that part, but I was with friends who weren't crying, and I didn't wanna feel like a dork, lol.

I liked how Wall-E's eyes did that shifting thing before he actually said something to her, once he got his personality back. You just knew he was back after that. The movie was shorter than I expected it to be, though. Not that that's a big deal or anything.


I really, really wanna see it again, and I definately reccomend it to everyone else! I can't wait 'til it comes out on DVD, though I'll probably have to wait a long time, 'cause it'll probably play in theatres for a lonnnggg time. ...I wanna Wall-E poster.

In other news... I got a poster at K-Mart with the Disney villains on it! ...Well, I guess not ALL of them are on it. I wish it had Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast on it, but what can ya do. I'd post a picture of it, but my camera's out of batteries. The main reason I bought it is because it has Scar from Lion King on it. That, and it's Disney. It's got Scar, Pete, Maleficent, Jafar, the Siamese cats, the Cheshire Cat (sp?), Ursula, Captain Hook, Cruella DeVille, the wolf from Three Little Pigs (I think. I've never seen it), and the witch from Snow White (I THINK. I haven't seen that but once, and it was when I was little... Though I really want to watch it again.) That was a needlessly long paragraph just about that poster, but that's okay!

Also, I saw a preview for Bolt, and that dog is ADORABLE. ...And so's the cat. .....And the hamster. The style of that movie looks incredible.

...Okay, I'm done talking now. : D

Friday, June 27, 2008

Panda Sensei Update Update

Here's yet another update on Panda Sensei! I've made him a lot taller than he used to be, and his style is a little more... I dunno, different I guess. I changed his outfit a bit, too. Poofy sleeves! Also, I put his hands up in front of him for once. I don't know why, but I can never seem to want to do that. But I did, and I think it turned out alright.
This doesn't really match up with the Panda Sensei at the top, but it's just a little practice with different poses. For some reason, half the time I draw him, he's just standing there looking confused or surprised or something. His arm looks alittle long, but whatever.
Clopin from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame! He's probably my favorite from that movie, though all the characters are amazing. Heck, he whole movie is amazing. It's a shame it didn't do as well as it could've, or should've. In my opinion, at least out of the Disney movies I've seen, it's one of the very best. And the soundtrack is AMAZING. I wish I could find it somewhere. And my dad doesn't trust online shopping, haha. "Hellfire" is probably one of the best songs I've heard in a Disney movie, not to mention the visuals in that scene were incredible.

Okay, enough of me trying to sound smart. lol

This! ...Is some random chick. I dunno, I drew her one day when I was trying to draw Ariel from Little Mermaid from memory, and it kinda didn't work, so she sorta morphed into this girl. Dunno who she is, but I'm pretty proud of it, 'cause she's one of the first halfway realistic people I've been able to draw and be content with (This wasn't my first drawing of her, but I like this one better than the first, so I'm posting it).

In other news, I might see Wall-E today! And we might go to the zoo this weekend. Heh, this summer's been kinda boring so far, so hopefully we do. I think I'm gonna bring my sketchbook with me if we go. ANDANDAND I think they have pandas!! GAHAW.

Well, thanks for reading/looking!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Panda Sensei Update

Here's a little update on my character, Panda Sensei. He's changed a little bit, and he's still in the works. Heh, hopefully I can come up with some comic ideas for him. ...Hopefully.
His mustache looks a little weird, though... I might just take it away alltogether. What do you think?

And here's just a little sketch I did of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. I like how it came out! It wasn't done with a reference or anything. ...Well, not with a direct reference anyway. I had a couple pictures of him in front of me at the time, but this isn't taken from a screencap or anything like that. I have a computer-colored version... But eh, I don't feel like posting it. Maybe later.

Lumiere is property of Disney animation. (Hope that suffices as a disclaimer!)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kung Fu Panda!

I saw the movie, and loved it! I even drew Po (obviously)

I know barely anyone (if anybody) actually READS my stuff yet, so I'm keeping it short, lol.

But I DO wanna put a little advertisement out there for an AWESOME website. It's It's a place you can post your own drawings, talk with other artists, and get their opinion on your stuff! Please, stop by there if you read this, even if you do no more than look at the front page. It barely takes any time to sign up, and it's free and all. I promise you'll like it. There's all sorts of cool people on there who probably like the same stuff you do. I've been on there for, like, three years I think. It's even better than having a blog, I'd say.

SO, LIKE, GO PLZ. By the way, my username on there is SuperRamen, if anybody's interested, lol

Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Panda Sensei

Some more Panda Sensei! Sorry it's such a small picture. Hope you guys like it!
As you can see, I don't like how the one on the top left came out. And the bottom right kinda reminds me of Mickey Mouse for some reason! I'm really starting to get a good style for him. At least that's what I think. Mickey Mouse's head makes a guest appearance at the top right, hehe.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Panda Sensei

Heyyy. This is my first blog... post... thing.

Anyway, I made up a cartoon character earlier this school year, and I love him! His name is Panda Sensei, and here he is (If the picture works)! I drew it a while back and colored it with photoshop. I can post more, if people end up liking him.
By the way, I post most of my art on another site. Here's my page ==>
If you'd like to see my stuff, check out my gallery, please!