Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Princess and the Frog Teaser Trailer!!!

Or go to the official website:



Andy J. Latham said...

How exciting is that!

I can't wait!

Ashley Barton said...

I know, me neither!!

I dunno if I can wait a year and a half!

Arezou said...

OMG!I can't wait too :(

Hey,finally i see Wall-E it was WOOOOW!
I also bought some Wall-E stuff 4 myself,i love them!

Anyway i'm sooo exited too!

Ashley Barton said...

I know! I can barely stop thinking abut it! =D

And you did? Awesome!! I love Wall-E. I got myself a Wall-E t-shirt, too. ...Well, my grandma got it for me, but you know. Glad you finally got to see it!

Arezou said...

I bought WALL-E game for PS3 and got free t-shirt :),but it doesn't fit me it's too big for me :( ,so my brother wears it!:D

WALL-E! to be honest i'm still thinking about it!