Thursday, July 3, 2008

On the Ropes

Gahaha, what a clever title!

For some reason, I've noticed I post mostly just Panda Sensei stuff on here... I guess 'cause most everything else I draw is fanart, and if you really wanna see that, you can just go to my deviantART account in my link thing over there. Though, I guess the same goes for seeing Panda Sensei over there, 'cause I post pretty much everything I post here on there...

Anyhoo, this is what you get when you watch the end dramatic fight scenes of Hunchback of Notre Dame while drawing Panda Sensei.

I usually don't spend very long on a single drawing, so this is a good change, I guess, though it didn't take REALLY long. I think I spent the most time getting the shape of his head to look right, and the, uh... fabric part over his legs. Dunno what you'd call that.

Dunno what he's standing on, either. Maybe a roof or something.

Anyway, I'm done rambling... Enjoy?

OH, OH! In other news, I got the Hunchback of Notre Dame DVD today!! Which is great, 'cause I finally got to watch the 'making of' thing. I rented the DVD from Family Video or whatever, but whoever had it last scratched it all to crud and back, so the 'making of' wouldn't work, and that made me sad. But, I got to see it, so I'm happy now.

Uhh... anyway. Bye!

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