Sunday, July 20, 2008

Caramel Apple Pops

Them's my heroes right there!

Haha. Took a screencap from the Aladdin DVD, 'cause I'm a dork like that. Dunno if you can see them clear enough, but from left to right (other than the guy in blue walking past), it's Alan Menken (composer), Eric Golberg (animator: Genie), Andreas Deja (Animator: Jafar [Or Ja'afar, as I've seen it spelled... whatever]), Will Finn (animator: Iago), Randy Cartwright (Animator: Carpet). All completely talented and awesome people. Hope it's not completely weird that I'm posting their picture on my blog.

Also, the title's got a story behind it... But it's very long and confusing. Mostly for my own entertainment. Hehe. Has nothing to do with these guys, though.


Andy J. Latham said...

Awesome indeed! I always think it's funny how famous animators like these are amongst other animators, but outside the field, they are largely unknown. I forget this and wonder why my friends look at me blankly when I mention them!

Ashley Barton said...

I know what you mean! Heh, my friends think I'm crazy half the time I mention these guys. It's weird how that works.