Monday, July 28, 2008

More Floursacks

Okay, I know I posted some of these, like, five minutes ago, but they're just too darn fun. These ones are better, anyway. Hope I got his little emotions across well enough. :D
Click to enlarge, please!


Andy J. Latham said...

These are fantastic! Much better than mine. I like that you have done a sequence of one rolling over. You should definitely animate some of these.

Ashley Barton said...

Thanks!! I'm glad I got that across clear enough. I definately want to animate some of these once I get the chance.

Arezou said...

That's cool! I love these kinda stuff you know like carpet in Aladdin... =)

Ashley Barton said...

Thanks, Arezou!

And I know, me too. =D It's so fun to try and put across emotions for things without faces.

Kinda reminds me, too, of the footstool from Bauty and the Beast!

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