Monday, July 21, 2008

Zombie Bunny

I made this guy up a couple of years ago, I think. I'm trying to think of/remember more characters to draw more often, and I forgot all about him until now.

He's a zombie bunny... but he's a NICE zombie bunny.

Note the wilted carrot. lol


chrisallison said...

Wow Ashely, you're really talented and at such a young age! Your Panda Sensei character is really fun and appealing! Keep doing whatever you're doing.

Have you animated? Are you working on any films? Drawing skills like that scream traditional animator : )

Ashley Barton said...

Thank you very much!! I'm glad you like him!

And I've animated... like, three times, maybe. They're all sort of short little practice things that aren't too good. Do you think I should post them on here?

And films! Ha, I wish. No, I'm nowhere near that good, but I'd love to one day. And you nailed it on the noggin; being a traditional animator is what I wanna be.

Thanks so much!! :D

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Dude I love your sketches, you should make your own comic series.