Monday, July 14, 2008

I Love the Disney Store

At least... Once you get past all the Disney Channel stuff. Eeeeeugh.

Anywho. As the picture suggests, I found the Aladdin 2-Disc Special Edition DVD! Along with the Cinderella one!! Man, I love DVDs. And the fact that, apparently, the Disney store sells Disney movies that are in that danged Disney Vault. Or, at least, I'm almost sure those two are in the vault. Maybe the Disney Store in the mall down here is just special.

Anyway, the special features (the main reason I even buy DVDs) were amazing! Got to see some of my very favorite animators talk about the movie and stuff. And Aladdin actually had an animator's commentary on it! I didn't even know they did stuff like that. Of course, I listened to it first, haha. I'm such a dork.

P.S. - I love Jafar's expression in the screencap up there. And Iago is just hilarious. Also, Iago, Jafar, and that screenshot belong to Disney.

[/pointless blog post]

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