Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tennis Photos

Clever and creative title, right? I know.

Well, a few weeks ago, I had to take photos of our highschool boys' tennis match for Journalism I. It was pretty fun. I'd like to pick up photography as a hobby if nice cameras didn't cost so much. I may get that from my sister, who is a professional photographer. (Go see her website! She's rediculously good.

Anyway, I just figured I'd post a few of my favorite photos that I took here on blogger. And here they are:
This isn't the best photo, but I thought it was sort of interesting that this guy had a motorcycle helmet with him at a highschool tennis game, so I took a few photos.

This is the coach. He has the most amazing skin color I've ever seen. I took some other photos of him, but I just chose this one.

I like this one a lot, but then I don't. I guess it just seems sort of corny, maybe? I don't know. I like the effect, I guess. Perdy fence.

This isn't really a great quality photo, but I love the expression I somehow managed to catch with that slow-as-molasses(sp?) camera I was using. It's kind of funny, too. Hope he doesn't know I'm posting it online. Heheh.

I just think this one is funny. I like the colors a lot, too, but it's mostly just funny.

Well, there you have it! Photos taken by yours truly. Hope you like. If not, oh well.

Aw, crap, I think I'm missing the Daily Show With John Stewart! After that is the Colbert Report. Scrubs may come on tonight, too. Three of my most favorite shows.



Sunday, October 5, 2008

Been a while

Oh man. It's been, what, over a month since my last blog post? Whoopsie.

Well, I don't really have anything that interesting to say... I haven't drawn a whole lot lately, but what I have been doing has mostly been life drawing. Or, drawing from photos, I guess. Would you like to see some? Sure you would:

I love my fine-tip Sharpie.

Halloween is coming up soon! I need to actually get/make myself a costume this year, instead of waiting until the last minute and ending up not doing anything. My birthday is the 26th of October, so for my party, I think I'm gonna have a costume sort of thing. Presents and candy! Yay!

Umumumm... I guess that's really it. Hopefully I won't wait so long to post again. See you all later!