Saturday, June 14, 2008

Panda Sensei Update

Here's a little update on my character, Panda Sensei. He's changed a little bit, and he's still in the works. Heh, hopefully I can come up with some comic ideas for him. ...Hopefully.
His mustache looks a little weird, though... I might just take it away alltogether. What do you think?

And here's just a little sketch I did of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. I like how it came out! It wasn't done with a reference or anything. ...Well, not with a direct reference anyway. I had a couple pictures of him in front of me at the time, but this isn't taken from a screencap or anything like that. I have a computer-colored version... But eh, I don't feel like posting it. Maybe later.

Lumiere is property of Disney animation. (Hope that suffices as a disclaimer!)


Will Finn said...

Hey Super Ramen. these are nice drawings, the panda sensei character is quite nice. Good lumiere, too but I am no expert. I animated him a few times in the movie (when the clock is chewing him out for letting Maurice in right as Belle enters) but the cleanup scrutiny was intense, i can tell you.

i saw you had some clock drawings up here before and they were good. the main thing to remember is that his entire figure is encased in a sort of invisible, flexible shoe heel, which is still what i use on the rare occasion i draw him. it was a fun character to do and i really regret not having any involvement in any of the artwork or merchandise done outside of the original film. i'd have been happy to have been asked, but it never came to pass.

you should get a look at the KFP 'art of' book if you get a chance, the key character designer, Nicholas Marlet is beyond belief. His drawings are really worth studying.

Ashley Barton said...

Heh, thanks Will! I'm glad you like him!

And y'mean the scene where Lumiere started mocking him behind his back? Heh, that's one of my favorites. And I know what you mean, Lumiere is really hard to get right, and probably ten times as hard to animate.

And a shoe heel, huh? I think I know what you mean... I'll try that next time I draw Cogsworth! Thanks!

I think it would've been great if you could've been involved with the artwork/merchandising stuff. Of course, the movie was released probably a month after I was born, so I dunno if I could've found any of it. But there's always Ebay, haha.

KFP 'art of'? That's like, the art of Beauty and the Beast, right? I oughta google Nicholas Marlet after this, heheh.

Thanks for the big comment and the advice! I really appreciate it!