Friday, June 13, 2008

Kung Fu Panda!

I saw the movie, and loved it! I even drew Po (obviously)

I know barely anyone (if anybody) actually READS my stuff yet, so I'm keeping it short, lol.

But I DO wanna put a little advertisement out there for an AWESOME website. It's It's a place you can post your own drawings, talk with other artists, and get their opinion on your stuff! Please, stop by there if you read this, even if you do no more than look at the front page. It barely takes any time to sign up, and it's free and all. I promise you'll like it. There's all sorts of cool people on there who probably like the same stuff you do. I've been on there for, like, three years I think. It's even better than having a blog, I'd say.

SO, LIKE, GO PLZ. By the way, my username on there is SuperRamen, if anybody's interested, lol

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