Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to School

I doodled this little Italian mob-type guy in my study hall class the other day. He looks a lot like Billy from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. But that was an accident.
That's a cigar in his mouth... but it kinda looks like a worm.
In unrelated news, I just bought the Home on the Range DVD the other day. It was really good. :D Slim and his three little nephews are hilarious. That song he sings is amazing. If you haven't seen it, go see it. If you have, see it again. lol. I liked it a lot more the second time I watched it, for some weird reason.
Uhm... Well, I guess that's it. So uh... seeya!


Will Finn said...

hi Ashley i dig the new photo image-- a great take on a baby chick. always hard to find a new way to do something like that but you succeeded.

Saw your drawing below--"I;m a little creepy" --I mean, "That's flattered--" oh uh... forget it.

That was a fun evening doing that ALADDIN stuff. Gilbert was hilarious and said a lot of insulting things to Leonard Maltin. We did an audio commentary for the film my last week of employment there and it was a bittersweet way to wrap up my most recent term there.

Ashley Barton said...

Aw, thanks, Will! I actually made that little chick up on accident a long time ago. But that's a long story.

Haha, okey dokey. I thank! Appreciate you that.

And I don't doubt that it was fun. It looked like a hoot, just seeing it on the DVD.
And I've actually listened to that commentary. ...Truthfully, more than once. That was your last week of employment? Aw man, that had to be bittersweet. If it's not to personal of me to ask, how come you stopped working there? (If it is too personal, just pretend I never asked)

Will Finn said...

how come that was the last week? to put it bluntly, my contract was up, HOME ON THE RANGE performed poorly and a new management team was eager to fill the place with fresher faces. at least i wasn't alone, a lot of my colleagues had hit the street by then.

honestly, no hard feelings tho. i like moving around. it's more interesting.

Ashley Barton said...

Aw, man. I'm sorry to hear that. But at least your alright with moving around.