Monday, August 4, 2008

Portrait of an Animator

Someone I know on was drawing some people... So I decided I would too. And I am reeeealy prud of how it came out!

And yep, that's Will Finn. I'm a big fan of his. I'm kinda embarassed posting this, actually. I know he has a blog here; and he's stopped by mine a couple of times and left some nice comments. If he stops by again and ends up seeing this, it'll either be "Aw, I'm flattered," or "That's a little creepy." Hopefully the first one.

Here's the picture I drew it from (it's kinda bad quality). I'm posting it just so you know I didn't, like, pull the drawing outta my butt or something. Lovely visual, I know. And lookie! You can see Eric Goldberg and Andreas Deja in the picture, too.

Now that I think about it, if he wasn't creeped out before, he probably would be knowing that I have a picture of him on my computer. Gahaha.


Andy J. Latham said...

Great picture Ashley! I'm sure he won't be creeped out!

Ashley Barton said...

Haha. Thanks, Andy!

Arezou said...

nice job girl!
These guys are amazing...
Today i was listening to Eric Goldberg's interview in Animation podcast!That was pretty cool!I love these guys Will Finn,Andreas Deja,... OMG! :">

Ashley Barton said...

Thanks, Arezou!

And yeah, I've heard of animation podcast. Wish I had something better than NetZero dial-up so I could load something like that, haha. But oh well.