Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Character Animation Crash Course

I want this book! If I get this and a tablet, I'll be pretty much set.


Andy J. Latham said...

Good luck finding it... I can't find a copy anywhere. Maybe that's just because I live in the UK. Can't seem to get an import either though.

Ashley Barton said...

Ah, yeah. That stinks. I think they have it on Amazon.com, though. I dunno, do they ship to the UK?

They also might start selling it at a local Barnes and Noble book store down here in a couple of weeks. If you'd like, if I ever manage to get it, I could scan you some pages. Send 'em to you in an e-mail or something.

Arezou said...

My goodness,i want this book so bad!

It was about a month ago I wrote a blog about this book(not in blogspot!) I also asked people in drawingboard to scan some pages,but they rejected! you know i love Eric Goldberg so definitely I'll buy the book someday & support him! but i dunno when! :(

Anyway as I told you before we had a lot in common,sometimes i think that you're American version of me,lol ;)
Good luck

Ashley Barton said...

Hi, Arezou! Ah, yeah. I hope you get the book one day. If I manage to get it, I could scan a few pages for you, if you want.

And really, I didn't know who Eric Goldberg was for a while, until you told me about him on my Princess and the Frog post. Don't ask me how, but I didn't, lol. But now he's one of my favorite animators. :D

Arezou said...

Yeah He's a genius! :D